In-home organizing


You're ready to get down to business, but you need some help.  Our in-home packages are designed to give you the one-on-one guidance, support, and well, help, to simplify your spaces. 


In-home sessions are generally used for:

  • decluttering

  • reorganization

  • making spaces more efficient

  • maximizing space

  • moving preparation/unpacking

  • downsizing

  • repurposing of spaces

  • creating routines to simplify daily life

Half-Day Package - 4 hours - starting at $280


Great for smaller projects like a closet. 


Mid-Day Package - 6 hours - starting at $399

Our most popular package!
Full-Day Package - 8 hours - starting at $499


For bigger projects or those that require a strong jump start. 



Team Projects - Call for pricing


For when there's just SO much to be done, a team of organizers many be the best approach.  Call us for pricing information!


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