Life isn't simple.  Your space can be.TM

The closets are stuffed.  You can't find your keys.  You are running late...again. 
We get it.  You feel frustrated, annoyed, overwhelmed, and perhap even helpless. 
Why does life feel so complicated? 
Isn't there a better way?
By visiting our site you have taken an important first step to reclaiming your space.  You own your space and can control what you keep in it and how it looks and functions.  We understand that life isn't simple.  But we believe your space can be.  Let us help you get there.
At Simple Spaces we take a holistic approach to organizing.  We realize that it is not just about "the stuff."  It is about you, your career, your feelings, your space, your time, and yes, your stuff too.  We look at all of these influences and figure out how to make them all work together. 
Our core mission is to help those who are feeling overwhelmed to simplify their lives. While we do all types of residential organizing, we specialize in helping professional women who are ready to be freed from the strain of today's overstuffed closets, schedules, and lives.


Declutter and organize your NJ home, closets, office, paperwork, basement, or storage area using our fully insured professional organizer services which include:


  • Assessment:

    • The starting point where we get to know each other and discuss the challenges you are facing.

  • In-Home Organizing:

    • One-on-one time where we work through the organizing process together.

  • Coaching:

    • You're a self-starter, but maybe you need some help staying on track.

  • Virtual Organizing:

    • Ready for one-on-one organizing, but have time and/or financial constraints?  Virtual organizing might be the answer for you.

  • Decluttering Support Groups:

    • Designed for those who are ready to get started, but feel they can do it on their own with some guidance and accountability.


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